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Welcome to PeopleScout NEXT!

In this issue, we are thrilled to feature David Wilkinson, Global Infrastructure & Operations Director, Talent Acquisition at Boeing. David’s insights on Boeing’s mission to become global talent champions and embrace an intentional use of talent technology are incredibly relevant in today’s competitive talent environment. I know that these initiatives will resonate with talent acquisition leaders.

Linda Brenner from Talent Growth Advisors digs into why the future of Human Resources requires a focus on more strategic outcomes, and our own David Ludolph shares insights on the growing interest in total workforce solutions. We also explore key talent trends like ghosting in the workplace, how AI relates to bias in the hiring process and factors impacting the way employers interact with candidates.

As we finalized this issue of NEXT, it was a time to reflect on 2018 and to look to the future. I am pleased with the progress that we made this year with Affinix™ and the additional value that Affinix enables PeopleScout to provide to our clients. As the pace of change in talent technology continues to accelerate, having the flexibility to tap into new technology through our single Affinix integration is becoming increasingly relevant.

Our acquisition of TMP Holdings LTD (TMP UK) in June has been a huge success in every way, and the depth of intellectual capital and leadership talent that the TMP UK team has brought to PeopleScout is truly remarkable. Be sure to check out our Q&A with Andrew Wilkinson, our leader for Europe and Asia Pacific and former TMP UK CEO, about his first six months with PeopleScout and the insight-driven work happening in talent advisory.

As we look forward to 2019, we are focused on meeting your talent needs across worker types, skill shortages and geographies with a compelling cross-channel branded approach and market-leading technology. Whether through human expertise, technology, talent insights, total workforce solutions or compelling storytelling, PeopleScout stands committed to helping you elevate your talent strategy.

What’s Next for PeopleScout?

Total Workforce: Maintain our market leadership in RPO and MSP and deliver endto-end total workforce solutions to support client requirements for any worker type, anywhere in the world.

Talent Advisory: Expand our talent advisory practice to our global client base to help position our clients more effectively to attract, engage, assess and retain top talent.

Specialized Talent: Enhance sourcing capabilities to meet emerging talent and future skills needs in verticals and job categories with current or projected skills shortages.

Global Growth: Broaden our global capabilities in the locations where our clients have the greatest needs and in large, high-growth markets through a combined organic and acquisition-driven growth strategy.

Affinix: Invest in and enhance Affinix to maintain a market-leading talent tech stack that provides our clients with a seamless experience for their candidates and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We wish you the very best in the new year and look forward to additional opportunities to collaborate and innovate together.

Thank you again for being a part of our community!

From Now to Next,

Taryn Owen
PeopleScout President



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