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This June will mark the one-year anniversary of our acquisition of TMP Holdings LTD in the UK. As I reflect on the nearly 12 months since our acquisition, I’m proud to see just how far we’ve come. The acquisition of TMP expanded our global reach across the UK and EMEA, and brought us unparalleled employer brand, recruitment marketing and assessment capabilities. We’re now better able to support your global growth initiatives, no matter where they may be, with headquarters in North America, APAC and EMEA and a broader array of services.

It is more clear than ever that your employer value proposition and how it comes to life in your employer brand is the catalyst for recruiting the best talent. We believe that your employer brand should underpin the entire candidate journey from attraction through assessment, onboarding and beyond.

In this issue, I’m pleased to share a featured section that is informed by the work we’re doing in our talent advisory practice. You will find articles on assessment and employer brand – including assessing for passion, purpose and a growth mindset and how to build and launch an employer value proposition and employer brand for the future.

I invite you to read these articles to learn more about the work we are doing for our clients around the world, and I welcome a conversation to explore the ways that PeopleScout can continue to support your business through our deepened talent advisory and global capabilities.

This issue also features articles on talent trends like prescriptive analytics, Google Jobs and how to recruit for retention – and for those with the right cultural fit for your organization. You’ll also hear from Jen Torres, our MSP Client Portfolio Leader, who joined us to lead our MSP practice in the fall of 2018. Jen addresses how advances in technology and the growing popularity of total workforce solutions programs are poised to transform the MSP industry.

As I’m writing this, I’m looking forward to hosting our annual North American thought leadership forum, the PeopleScout NEXT Talent Summit, in Washington, D.C. this June. Our Talent Summit is one of my favorite parts of the year – when I get to spend time with our PeopleScout community, reflect on how far we’ve come together and explore new opportunities emerging in talent acquisition.

This year’s guests will have the opportunity to learn from two influential keynote speakers: Liz Wiseman, president of the Wiseman Group, and Madeline Laurano, co-founder of Aptitude Research Partners. In addition, our program will feature breakout sessions, big idea talks and panels covering topics including diversity and inclusion, creating a compelling brand experience and the future of talent, from total to tech. Our next issue, out later this year, will have an in-depth look at insights from our 2019 Talent Summit and articles and interviews with some of this year’s speakers. I encourage you to be on the look out for that special feature.

For those of you attending the Talent Summit, I look forward to the conversations we’ll have in person. If you’re not able to attend this year, we’ll continue our conversations and share our progress throughout the year. As PeopleScout continues to expand globally and across new disciplines, we support your growth. By growing together, I’m confident that we will continue to take your talent programs from now to next.

From Now to Next,

Taryn Owen
PeopleScout President



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