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At PeopleScout, we know our purpose. We are inspired to find, engage and deliver the best talent to our clients. All of us in talent acquisition and workforce management have the opportunity to create positive change by helping people connect with meaningful work. By making that connection, we enable our organizations to achieve what’s next.

As leaders, we also have the opportunity to influence talent across our organizations and our teams. At our 2019 North American thought leadership forum, the PeopleScout NEXT Talent Summit, guests heard from Liz Wiseman, The New York Times best-selling author of “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.” During her interactive keynote and breakout session, Liz shared how the best leaders can learn to get more out of their teams and how they can become multipliers themselves. In our Talking Talent Leadership Profile feature on Liz, you’ll learn how her insights can be applied directly to the worlds of talent acquisition and workforce management.

Creating an environment that enables everyone to perform at their highest level is another aspect of leadership that I am passionate about. At the Talent Summit, Eric de los Santos – Associate General Counsel, Senior Director of Employment Law and the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council at PeopleScout parent company, TrueBlue – shared his insightful perspective on creating a culture of authenticity and inclusion. He led a Big Idea Talk and breakout session in which he reflected on his own experience; the success of building a diverse and inclusive work environment at TrueBlue; and the vital role of leadership. You can learn more in our Talking Talent Leadership Profile of Eric and the accompanying article on the importance of building an inclusive culture in the workplace.

We can all agree that talent is the lifeblood of an organization and its greatest asset. Each of us has the power to make our companies stronger with each individual that we hire. But, we also know that building a workforce for the future is no small task. The complexities that we face continue to grow as we struggle to find the talent that we need today and to retain the talent we’ve found. At the Talent Summit, Madeline Laurano, talent analyst and founder of Aptitude Research, shared insights on the top talent acquisition and talent technology trends she is seeing through her qualitative and quantitative research. You can learn more about those trends – and how she applies the “Marie Kondo” method to talent acquisition and talent technology – in our Talking Talent Leadership Profile on Madeline and in the accompanying article, “What’s Next in Talent Acquisition.”

A major priority for PeopleScout and one of the ways that we can continue to focus on what’s next is Affinix™. We designed Affinix to enable our clients to easily leverage the best talent technology while also creating a more consumer-like experience for candidates. As the pace of change in talent technology continues to accelerate, the logic behind Affinix continues to be validated. In this issue, you can learn more about Affinix and how our decision to build the platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology allows us to be more agile in the article, “How AWS Helps Futureproof our Talent Technology.”

Also featured in this issue is an article by Dana Look-Arimoto on how to increase retention through the first 90 days and beyond. Dana is the CEO of Phoenix5 and a mentor, advisor, speaker and change agent with more than 20 years of experience in the talent ecosystem. Her insights can help you reshape the way you think about your onboarding experience.

In addition to these features, you will find articles on passive sourcing, digital recruitment marketing, the importance of soft skills, best practices for contract worker management and a global economic snapshot.

I am grateful that you are part of the PeopleScout community, and for your interest in engaging with our thought leadership content. As you know, our promise is to be your global talent partner from now to next by providing the know-how, insights and tools you need to support your people strategy.

We’re always pushing ourselves to look outward and forward and we strive to be the thought leader that can see around the corner and bring you insights on what’s next in talent solutions while still meeting the needs that you have today. I’d love to hear your feedback on NEXT and your ideas about thought leadership content that would be valuable to you in the future. Please feel free to contact me directly or to share your ideas with your PeopleScout partner.

From Now to Next,

Taryn Owen
PeopleScout President



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