Project Description

Unsung: Greater Manchester Nurses

By John Quirk
Client Partner

In 2019, PeopleScout won the Recruitment Marketing Awards (RMAs) Grand Prix Prize, which recognizes excellence in recruitment marketing and talent management, for our creative approach to recruiting nurses in Greater Manchester.

Recruitment for nursing has been in crisis, hit hard by negative press, ideological attacks and funding cuts. Across Greater Manchester, hospitals were recruiting from each other, creating a costly merry-go- round that made the problem even worse.

To respond to these challenges, PeopleScout created an inspirational video to attract nursing re-joiners, trainees and candidates from outside the local area. The video also featured lyrics from legendary local artists, creating an emotional, powerful and unexpected story. The results of the video included more than 344,000 views on YouTube; 51,138 visits to the campaign site and, most important, 1,582 candidates demonstrated engagement with the Greater Manchester National Health Service (NHS) and universities.

The Challenge

More than 16 NHS trusts, universities and care providers came together as part of the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership to launch a single, jointly-led recruitment campaign. They needed something that would inspire nurses who’d left the NHS, people who were considering training to be a nurse, and qualified nurses who worked outside of Greater Manchester.


Given the scale of the task, the video had to hit every note in exactly the right way. It needed to be powerful and passionate, but also unexpected. It needed to grab attention outside the NHS to amplify the message. It had to capture the spirit of Manchester, and inspire people to stay there. We therefore decided to bring the emotions, dramas, triumphs and tragedies experienced by Manchester nurses to the fore – to lay bare a profession that so often goes unsung.

Unsung Video

We created a script that celebrated the nurses of Greater Manchester, entirely composed from the lyrics of Greater Manchester bands – Oasis to New Order, The Stone Roses to Everything Everything. The nurses of Manchester themselves performed the piece.

Working with famous artists allowed us to create something unique and emotive.

Greater Manchester Identity

To support the campaign video and collateral, we created a bold, yet warm-hearted identity that could be used across any channel or future project. The tagline “Be a Greater Manchester Nurse” utilized the city’s timeless logo, the Manchester bee.

What’s more, the video required a destination site for nurses to find out more, and the site needed to be informative for each of our three audiences: existing nurses, returners and those looking to train to be a nurse. Also, with more than 16 partners across various areas of Greater Manchester, we created a map of the different boroughs to showcase the organizations when selecting an area. Finally, talking head films are also featured on the site, providing an honest and authentic view to nursing in Greater Manchester.

The video and website were supported by a media campaign in the first phase to drive awareness.

Student Films & Collateral

Following the success of the first phase, the four universities commissioned an additional video and supporting collateral. The main aim was to dispel myths around the student loan versus the bursary, with student finance being a main factor for students withdrawing applications to study.

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